Viewing: 0010-10054
Description: 4999 WXZ CVD CHAMBER
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March 3rd 2022 (Thursday) at 11:54 PM CST Israel
April 13th 2021 (Tuesday) at 4:32 AM CST Israel
February 22nd 2020 (Saturday) at 9:10 AM CST United States
July 30th 2019 (Tuesday) at 3:09 AM CST Israel
June 23rd 2018 (Saturday) at 11:15 AM CST Israel
January 4th 2018 (Thursday) at 12:18 AM CST Israel
July 24th 2017 (Monday) at 5:54 AM CST Israel
October 27th 2016 (Thursday) at 11:28 PM CST Israel
June 16th 2016 (Thursday) at 4:24 PM CST Israel
April 26th 2016 (Tuesday) at 10:52 AM CST United States
February 5th 2016 (Friday) at 9:55 AM CST Israel
September 2nd 2015 (Wednesday) at 1:12 PM CST Israel
March 23rd 2015 (Monday) at 6:14 AM CST Israel
March 3rd 2015 (Tuesday) at 1:44 AM CST United States
October 15th 2014 (Wednesday) at 1:58 PM CST Israel
SellerTitleQty. SoldConditionPriceStart DateEnd Date
gigabitpartsolutions OEM Part (AMAT) 0010-10054 5000 WxCVD Chamber UNTESTED NO RETURN 0 Used $715.00 17/Oct/17 22/Apr/20
xl-t_com 0010-10054 WXZ CHAMBER P5000/Centura APPLIED MATERIALS 0 Used $30,000.00 9/Sep/16 1/Oct/18
gigabitpartsolutions OEM Part Applied Materials (AMAT) 0010-10054 5000 WxCVD Chamber UNTESTED NO RETU 2 Used $715.00 31/Jan/17 16/Oct/17
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